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W24 x H32 inch



What did you think when you saw this piece and its title?

When you saw this piece in its entirety you might have thought. "Where is this landscape? Is there a beast hiding somewhere in the jungle? "

When you saw it up close, you might have thought. "What kind of material or method is this being painted with? "

But there are no animals in this picture if you look for them, and this is not a jungle.

Speaking of motifs, this is an artificially planted plant in my garden, documented with the device of photography, which I saw and painted. And you, who are looking at this, are also trying to interpret it with your own imagination, even more so after passing through this multiple layers of filters.

In this way, one can only see things as one wants to see them. And that is the reason why we are human. In other words, the "Thinking Animal" is not only the creator, but also the viewer.

Information is abundant, people are seeking more and more superficial stimuli, and consumption is accelerating.

On the other hand, people are becoming increasingly insensitive to how they digest information and how they think.

I hope that this work will help you savor and enjoy the seemingly useless things (everyday life) without being distracted by short-term gains or losses.

Thinking Animal

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