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March 14(Tue)-18(Sat) 2023
Gallery Max New York



Gallery Max New York

552 Broadway, 4th Floor Suite 401

(bet. Prince and Spring Streets / Buzz #9)





March 14(Tue) -18(Sat)

11am - 6pm



"Rebirth" explores how memories and experiences from the past can take on new meanings when revisited. The main group of artworks on display were created by stripping and reconstructing most of the canvas works from the past, and the other works, created in a wide variety of styles, are a testament to the infinite potential of human creativity.

The thematic focus of this exhibition is inspired by my own personal experience. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, the death of someone close to me, and other significant changes in my environment, I found myself seeking a new path in life. In 2012, I quit my job and moved to New York, where I spent the following five years encountering a diverse range of people and cultures. Through these experiences, my values and perspectives underwent a gradual transformation.

Through "Rebirth," I hope to share my belief that all experiences, even those that may be painful or challenging, offer an opportunity for growth and transformation. I aim to inspire the audience to embrace change and see the beauty in transformation, even in the most difficult of times.

I invite you to join me at Gallery Max New York from March 14th to 18th to experience the transformative power of "Rebirth." 

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