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Shinjiro Tanaka, born in LA in 1985, is a multimedia artist exploring life's depth through primitive motifs and rhythmic expressions. Influenced by diverse experiences in New York, his works blend movement and multicultural influences. Now based in Tokyo and New York, he engages in canvas, murals, digital art, fashion design, and event organizing.


In 2024, he founded Evergreen Collective, empowering creators for sustainable growth. Shinjiro aims to inspire fresh perspectives and creativity worldwide.


Through art, I aspire for people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to collaborate, respect each other, and build a better world. I continually challenge myself with new approaches, seeking creativity while maintaining flexibility. I hope this mindset inspires others to grow together and contribute to society.


Shinjiro Tanaka's art style is characterized by primitive motifs of dots and lines, which, despite their abstract simplicity, convey universality and infinite potential. The delicate elements intricately blend to create a sense of wholeness, forming a harmonious expression of Oneness.


Live performance, an art of the moment, brings emotions and shared experiences that can only be experienced in that moment. It is an irreplaceable existence that enriches our hearts and deepens the connections between people.


Shinjiro aims to create a space where diverse creators can collaborate and co-create with the community to imagine new value. He believes that the flexible and multifaceted perspectives of artists can help solve existing social challenges and strengthen the community.


Collaboration between artists and people from various fields contributes to the sustainable development of society, such as solving social problems and revitalizing communities. By fusing different perspectives and values, it can create new value.



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